Mission and Vision


From the very beginning, Orka Holding has established a mission to be a worthy example in the community, as a company that operates complying with the principles of loyalty, commitment and professionalism. A company that will make a personal contribution to the promotion of social values.

We are passionate about creating companies that promote the society where we live and work.


Starting, maintaining and growing a company requires a clear vision by the management team. Thanks to the visionary spirit of its founder, Ilija Kamchev, todat Orka Holding is a highly renowned company that has managed to create brands in many segments of the society. The company's vision is to create a business climate where employees will be constantly upgraded, while relations with its business partners and customers will be continuously nurtured and respected.

Our vision is to create a company that in the eyes of customers, partners and employees will be a strong global company recognizable by its values: