The foundations of Orka Holding’s success story were laid three decades ago, in 1990, when the company began operating with only about 60 employees, opening a small production plant. Realizing the opportunities offered by the investment climate in the country back then and using all its potential, the company began to make its first significant steps.

Over the years, its founder and his team of employees has invested all their personal and professional potential in this group and its operations. Their unwavering commitment to the work, perseverance and knowledge were essential in achieving the company’s aspiration for expansion.

Today, 30 years later, Orka Holding group is one of the largest employers in the country. Active in various sectors, with a diversified investment portfolio, with over 15 companies and more than 2,500 employees, the group serves its customers and partners with state-of-the-art technologies, top brand quality and dynamic human resources.

Founding its operations on the principles of liquidity, reliability, profitability, loyal market competition, good business relationships and the most important ethical principles, the company naturally creates its own business climate in which it takes care of its employees, customers and partners. Acting in several segments of society, the company is becoming a driving force primarily in raising the quality of work standards, working conditions and treatment of employees, business partners and customers.

In this way, through constant investment, improvement of work processes and joint, organized action, Orka Holding has been achieving significant business growth and creating values that are not only of importance to the company and its employees and business partners, but also of particular importance to the community in which it operates as well as to the entire economy of the country.