When it comes to environmental protection, we at Orka Holding have defined high standards.

We create a balance between our goals. We make efforts on a daily basis for each of our business units to give results, but at the same time to implement measures that will minimize the possible negative effects on the environment.

In order to reduce the negative impact on the environment, we try to use natural resources in a responsible manner, to reduce the amount of waste in the work process, to increase energy efficiency and to reduce the individual carbon footprint. Our business premises are supplied with different type of waste bins, allowing us to further hand over the waste for recycling in accordance with the legal regulations and national recommendations.

In that regard, we note savings in the total resource use of over 35% compared to the last year.

Our firm commitment is to implement the international recommendations for environmental behavior in our special business units. We implement strategies for raising the awareness of employees, customers and associates.

Through their activities, some of our member companies in the Group give active contribution and participation in marking the Earth Day, Planet Earth Hour, realize activities and define educational mechanisms to increase awareness of environmental responsibility and etc.

As per the capital investment plan for 2022, Orka Holding envisages investment activity for adjusting and introducing natural gas at the business building in Ilinden.

As a company that resolutely focuses on sustainability and adapts its strategies and activities in compliance with the principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), we are also an active participant in the UN Global Compact.