Social Responsibility

Our priority is caring for the community where we act

Orka Holding is a group that over the years has built and established a special culture of values it respects and appliesin its operation. Developing that culture of values, the Group has paida special attention to its employees, partners and customers, but above all it has applied all socially responsible practiceswith a particular attention, thus contributing to the community.

Considering that the size of a company is valued not only by the numbers and successes it achieves but also by the size of the activities it does, Orka Holding has firmly fixed humanity and caring for the society and community in its corporate strategy.

Caring for the society and community Orka Holding implies, above all, an ethically responsible, morally sound, legally and legitimately justified approach toward the society. Transparency and efforts to identify and respond to the needs of the community where it acts by providing support for the initiatives with the greatest social importance are some of the Group's value chain.

Regarding the contribution to the overall development of the community primarily as a privilege, Orka Holding has respected individual and collective values. It is proved by its strong support for many projects in the healthcare, education, sport and culture areas and the great number of humanitarian activities and actionsrealized so far.