In 2011, Orka Holding announced the beginnings of Ilija Kamchev Foundation, named after the renowned company's founder. The humanism, vision and responsibility of the company's founder remain a never-ending inspiration for all of us, successors of his philanthropy.

Ilija Kamchev Foundation aims to help educate the young and promising medical staff, doctors by providing scholarships i.e. allocating funds for their professional specialization, as well as providing free training at Acibadem Sistina Hospital and other renowned medical centers.

Moreover, Ilija Kamchev Foundation supports activities towards other society segments that are of interest to the general public. The Foundation supports and is actively involved in the implementation of projects and initiatives that contribute to the development of publishing, art and culture, social care, sport, environmental protection and other activities of social interest.

Orka Holding set the goal with its Ilija Kamchev Foundation to create and make projects that will leave a lasting and quality sign in the society and thus will be an example of behavior.

In the period from 2014 to 2018, the Foundation made several donations such as:

At the same time, via its Art Skopje branch, the Foundation aims to be active in the field of art in Macedonia, supporting young artists, organizing art exhibitions and other activities pursuing to affirm the art and its creators.

ART Skopje

Art Skopje, the Center of Contemporary Art, is a segment of the project activitiesby Ilija Kamchev Foundation.The Foundation has begun investing in a new and unique project for development and support of creativity and free artistic spirit. The Center aims to enrich cultural contents and above all to promote and support young talented artists in the country.

Art Skopje is a kind of beginning of the general goal - creating an independent center for development of culture and contemporary art in Macedonia. Focuses of the program platform are the young generations of Macedonian painters, sculptors and multimedia artists. Some of the Center activities would be intended for initiating international cooperation and sharing experiences with artists, curators and organizations around the world.