OK Transport

Performing its activities i.e. tasks OK Transport Company offers transportation services to meet the business needs for the member companies of Orka Holding as well as for external clients.

OK Transport has a remarkable vehicle fleet at its disposal for transportation of passengers or goods and services in domestic or international road traffic.

A special service that OK Transport offers to its clients is the possibility of using luxury vehicles such as Mercedes, Audi and other providing safe, fast and high-quality transportation to desired destinations

OK Security

OK Security is a specialized company for providing services in the field of physical security, protection, transfer of money, valuables and other shipments, mobile security, video surveillance and surveillance. The basic principle of work is professional performance of tasks in compliance with the prescribed laws and providing discretion and keeping confidential data of the clients.

КThe company is organized and managed by human resources with many years of experience in the field of security. OK Security with its professional team is ready to respond to specific customer requirements.

OK Service

OK Service DOOEL Skopje is a company being active in residential property management and having a Manager Licence No. 08-13/3 for performing the activities of residential property management, issued by the Regulatory Commission for Housing in Macedonia.

Its main activity is performing administrative, legal and accounting services for residential property management, basic technical maintenance, cleaning and hygiene maintenance in the residential property it manages, supervision, inspection and control of the equipment in the residential property it manages, as well as all works at the request by the tenants, in the direction of better and more efficient use of the common areas in the residential property it manages.

In addition, it can perform maintenance work in individual business or residential premises, property management and the like.