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Stopanska Banka a.d. Bitola

Stopanska Banka a.d. Bitola is one of the oldest Macedonian banks that celebrated 70 years of its existence in 2018. Providing a variety of credit and deposit products, created according to the needs of the most specific groups of customers, the Bank serves its clients via 20 branches in 11 cities throughout the country.

The trust that Stopanska Banka a.d. Bitola enjoys with its clients is just another confirmation of the service quality and innovation of the products that the customers easily recognize.

The connection the bank has been building with its clients for 70 years already has been especially strengthened since Stopanska Banka a.d. Bitola has begun to transform into a modern and dynamic bank, investing in the product quality, service rate and employee’s development. These features enabled it to prove itself as one of the most successful medium-sized banks in Macedonia, but also one of the most attractive employers in the sector.

The Bank's vision is every citizen and company to enjoy the benefits of modern banking in a simple way. Attractive products, especially for young people, financial support for sustainable and prosperous business projects as well as the overall range of products it offers are result of the hard work that each employee has left behind.

The quality of operation atStopanska Banka a.d. Bitola has been recognized and rewarded by manyfamous foreign renowned magazines. In addition to being a motivation for even greater achievements and accomplishments, these significant awards for the Bank's operations have been a confirmation of the Bank's stability and professionalism and its unique commitment toward meeting the needs of its clients.