Orka Agriculture

Zhito Polog

Zhito Polog AD Tetovo is one of the leading industrial capacities in the field of milling and baking in Macedonia. The company’s beginnings date back to 1903, when it was the first mill in the Polog region. With more than 110 years of tradition in wheat processing and mill products, 50 years of baking tradition and over 30 years of tradition in making homemade pasta, Zhito Polog successfully faces the challenges of modern business.

Thanks to the high technology and technical equipment of its production facilities, permanent improvement of employee knowledge and skills and nurturing professional relations with the suppliers, the company keeps up with the market trends, improving consumers’ satisfaction and satisfying their tastes every day. Production and distribution are carried out in accordance with the implemented HACCP system, which guarantees that products are safe for consumption. Confirmation of the quality of operation are ISO 22000 and ISO 14001 certified standards.