As of today, additional capacity of the already prepared hotel “Ibis Skopje City Center” is completely available to accommodate people with an isolation order. Eight people are expected to arrive there during the day.

In line with the recommendations by the Ministry of Health, the first group of people to be isolated for 14 days have filled the capacity of Ibis Styles Hotel over the past two days. It is the first hotel made available by Acibadem Sistina and Orka Holding as an isolation center for individuals who have been issued such an order.

Ibis Styles Hotel currently accommodates 64 people who will stay there for the next 14 days. Orka Holding and Acibadem Sistina provide these people with all requests, personal hygiene kits, food and beverage delivery, TV and internet access.

Individuals accommodated at the hotel are under 24-hour supervision by medical staff, security staff and other support staff using complete security equipment and professional training to meet all their needs.

Their health status is monitored by medical staff of the Institute of Public Health on daily basis. In case of any symptoms or worsening, according to the prescribed safety protocols, they will be transferred to locations designated by the Ministry of Health for care and treatment of symptomatic persons.

Such a daily pace of accepting people with an isolation order, as recommended by the Ministry of Health, would fully met the capacities offered by Orka Holding and Acibadem Sistina Hospital – 214 beds at “Ibis Skopje City Center” and “Ibis Styles” hotels.

Orka Holding and Acibadem Sistina Hospital are in daily communication with the Government and the Ministry of Health regarding the accommodation of people who need to be put in isolation.

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