Donation of protective equipment for the Ministry of interior

Sistina Farmacija, part of the Orka Holding Group, donated 20,000 eco-friendly disposable protective masks for the needs of the Ministry of Interior during the coronavirus pandemic which should be distributed at the discretion of the Ministry, 1100 reusable protective masks and 10 disposable protective suits (coveralls) for the needs of the Skopje Internal Affairs Sector.

The total value of the donation is 623,000 denars.

This donation is only part of the series of donations with which Orka Holding, this time through Sistina Farmacija, has expressed its support and offered help to all people involved in the fight against the coronavirus.

Orka Holding and Acibadem Sistina donate 325.000 euros to support fight against coronavirus

With a series of activities, Orka Holding, company that has been a significant pillar of the country’s economic system, and Acibadem Sistina Hospital, leader in healthcare for 19 years, put a number of their medical and accommodation facilities, staff and medical equipment at the country’s disposal. Assistance and support have been made available to the citizens and the Crisis Staff of our country’s Government in order to deal with the emerging situation caused by the global pandemic of the Covid-19 virus.

Many of our employees are absent from work because they belong to the groups of citizens who, according to the recommendations of the state institutions, should stay at home. Acibadem Sistina Hospital alone has 400 employees absent from work, and like many other companies in this situation, we are in restrictive conditions. While reorganizing our business to maintain its quality and efficiency, we offer all our help and support because we all know that there are times when there is no room for compromise.

When it comes to life, when it comes to human health there is no compromise and price.

As part of the assistance offered, Acibadem Sistina Hospital and Orka Holding have offered all of the facilities of the Ibis Skopje City Center and Ibis Styles hotels for accommodation of people who have to spend 14 days in isolation. Ibis Styles hotel is already completely full, and the first group of people has arrived at the Ibis Skopje City Center hotel. Initially, it is expected that until 31.05.2020 there will be 5 rotations of persons that will need to spend 14 days in isolation, bringing the total number to 1,030 persons, i.e, the number of nights spent at these facilities will be 14,430.

Orka Holding and Acibadem Sistina allocated a fund of 20,000,000 denars or 325,000 euros of which 315,000 euros to cover the living expenses of these persons as well as for protective agents, disinfection, protective equipment, fixed costs, medical support from Acibadem Sistina Hospital and the salaries of those who will work in the quarantine centers for 70 days. The agreement is concluded between the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia and the companies “OK Hotel” and “Orka Hotel”.

Out of these funds, 10,000 euros are intended for protective equipment, i.e. protective masks, suits and gloves for the Skopje Internal Affairs Sector and health institutions in Debar.

Zhito Polog and Zdravje Radovo companies, which are part of our group, and produce basic food products will not increase the prices of their products compared to 1.1.2020. At the same time, we confirm that both companies are operating at full production and at full capacity. Zhito Polog operates at full capacity and produces 1500 tons of Type400 and Type500 flour monthly as well as 600 tons of livestock flour and currently has sufficient wheat stock for the next 4 months.

Zdravje Radovo Dairy, which produces 150 tons of white and yellow cheese a month, also operates at full capacity, and is currently stocked for 6 months.

We would also like to express our immense gratitude to all of our staff, including health professionals who completely understand the urgency of the circumstances and unconditionally accept all new tasks and activities. We immensely respect and trust all of

our employees, more than 2,500 people who are part of the Orka Holding Group. Our experience over the past 30 years testifies to the many challenges we have gone through together and we believe that we will get over this new, great challenge that lies ahead without any further consequences.

In these moments when all our thoughts and efforts are focused on nothing more valuable – the health of all of us, the health of all our citizens, we appeal that you abide by all recommendations issued by the competent authorities, demonstrate responsibility, high awareness and take care of yourself and the health of others.

In these extremely challenging conditions, when all of us are faced with something completely unknown and when our normal life suddenly takes on a completely different dimension, when uncertainty and fear cannot be left behind closed doors, our only duty, obligation and desire is to lead this fight, and make human and superhuman efforts to make this condition more acceptable at the moment, with a better outcome for all of us.

Ibis Style capacities are full, Ibis Skopje City Center opens its doors for isolation as well

As of today, additional capacity of the already prepared hotel “Ibis Skopje City Center” is completely available to accommodate people with an isolation order. Eight people are expected to arrive there during the day.

In line with the recommendations by the Ministry of Health, the first group of people to be isolated for 14 days have filled the capacity of Ibis Styles Hotel over the past two days. It is the first hotel made available by Acibadem Sistina and Orka Holding as an isolation center for individuals who have been issued such an order.

Ibis Styles Hotel currently accommodates 64 people who will stay there for the next 14 days. Orka Holding and Acibadem Sistina provide these people with all requests, personal hygiene kits, food and beverage delivery, TV and internet access.

Individuals accommodated at the hotel are under 24-hour supervision by medical staff, security staff and other support staff using complete security equipment and professional training to meet all their needs.

Their health status is monitored by medical staff of the Institute of Public Health on daily basis. In case of any symptoms or worsening, according to the prescribed safety protocols, they will be transferred to locations designated by the Ministry of Health for care and treatment of symptomatic persons.

Such a daily pace of accepting people with an isolation order, as recommended by the Ministry of Health, would fully met the capacities offered by Orka Holding and Acibadem Sistina Hospital – 214 beds at “Ibis Skopje City Center” and “Ibis Styles” hotels.

Orka Holding and Acibadem Sistina Hospital are in daily communication with the Government and the Ministry of Health regarding the accommodation of people who need to be put in isolation.

Rooms in IBIS hotels fully equipped for accommodation of people in isolation

We would once again like to inform the public that the two Ibis Skopje hotels, “Ibis Center” and “Ibis Style”, which were put at the disposal of the state and the Ministry of Health by “Acibadem Sistina” and “Orka Holding”, are fully equipped and ready to accommodate persons that should be in isolation.

A total of 214 beds are available, of which 51 in double rooms and 101 in single rooms and there are also 3 rooms for people with disabilities. The hotels also have 6 family rooms.

All rooms are equipped in accordance with the needs and requirements for care of citizens who are ordered to be in isolation, in terms of medical equipment and disinfectants. People in isolation will be provided with food and assisted by medical staff. In addition to performing regular patient check-ups, Acibadem Sistina doctors will also be on call for emergencies.

If there are people who show symptoms of coronavirus (Covid-19), they will be dislocated in a special safe way to locations determined by the Ministry of Health for treatment of patients.


Acibadem Sistina makes five mobile hospitals available to the citizens of Macedonia

As well as making all facilities and respiratory machines available to the citizens of Macedonia, upon prior agreement with the Ministry of Health, Acibadem Sistina Hospital additionally provides mobile hospitals that will strengthen the patient accommodation resources.

Acibadem Sistina has at its disposal 5 mobile hospitals – tents that can be transported throughout the country. Mobile hospitals have their own power outlet and there could be installed respiratory machines and all other necessary medical support for the treatment of patients as needed. These 5 mobile hospitals are equipped with beds arranged 2 meters apart and their total capacity is 70 beds.

In case of need, these mobile hospitals will be completely available to the citizens of Macedonia along with the Acibadem Sistina medical team.

Our priority is the health and care for all citizens.

Acibadem Sistina capacities at disposal of citizens

In alert conditions regarding the COVID-19 virus, Acibadem Sistina Hospital together with all 1000 employees and including all free facilities is put at disposal to the citizens of Macedonia affected by this virus; it is upon the needs and in previous agreement with the Ministry of Health. All free machines for mechanical ventilation, i.e. respirators, are available as well. At the moment, our hospital has 27 modern respirators – of pediatric, adult and transport type.

Follow the recommendations for protection and prevention of COVID-19. Take care of your and the health of people around you. Our care for your health continues.