Communications and Corporate Identity

Orka Holding has been a company that has been openly communicating with the public since its beginning, whether they are business associates, consumers or the media. We believe that transparency is the only manner that should be implemented by every organizational unit of the Company.

The Company has defined its own corporate identity in its existence that primarily is based on simplicity with a minimalist approach and recognition.

Moreover, Orka Holding includes Dandelion in its corporate portfolio. Simple, composed of many star-shaped stemps that make the flower as delicate as cotton. As a symbol of free, simple movement aided by the wind force. As a symbol of a genus that promptly spreads its code everywhere and endures even in the most difficult soil conditions.

Old logo

New logo

Старото лого на ОРКА ХОЛДИНГ Глуварчиња Новото лого на ОРКА ХОЛДИНГ

Media brands of the group

Вест лого Лого на 24 Здравје Лого на Македонски Спорт Вест лого Лого на Македонски Спорт