OK Idea Marketing Agency

As a result of the necessity to have a marketing agency experienced in anticipating the needs of companies - member companies of Orka Holding, and in offering the most modern solutions through integration of various marketing services, in 2013OK Idea, the multidisciplinary marketing agency, was established.

Using integration of a wide range of marketing solutions, the Agency's mission is to offer innovative, strategic and effective solutions for challenges the companies are facing with, in context of the market needs. In order to deliver smart solutions that would support the client business, the Agency unites many activities, such as:


OK MEDIA is one of the leading external advertising companies in Macedonia.

It has been founded in 2006 under Kala Plakat title and for more than 10 years it has successfully exceeded clients’ expectations, constantly expanding the network, installing objects at great locations and providing professional service.

Today, the advertising network of OK MEDIA covers over 450 advertising areas of various designs distributed throughout the territory of Macedonia.

The company success is verified by the excellent and professional team of employees that is constantly increasing due to the high number of clients. Many marketing agencies, media outlets and brands constantly entrust OK MEDIA since the effectiveness of such type of advertising is great as it is available and visible 24/7.

As an all-inclusive result of the communication with its clients and the excellent work in 2015, OK MEDIA (Kala Plakat) got "Entrepreneur of the Year-2015" title at the event organized by the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, the Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation and the Ministry of Economy.