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The opening of a small production plant with only 60 employees in 1990 marked the modest but firm beginnings of Orka. Since then, all these years we have invested in our own, unique ways, with unwavering dedication, taking steps forward in our strive for expansion.

Focused on multiple industries and with a host of companies, today I can proudly say that Orka Holding is a Group with more than 4,500 employees. By setting new standards of operation in the Republic of Macedonia, we became an example of a solid and bold company that invests in lasting values - because the years are just numbers and the values are what makes us memorable. We continue to achieve our goal of creating value for the future, we continue taking confident strides. Continuing in the spirit of the belief that by building a strong and powerful company – we build a stronger country too.

Jordan Kamchev
Chief Executive Officer














The primary business objective of Orka Holding is measuring and improving the satisfaction of our clients, partners and employees. Our business policy and business principles in terms of quality, technology, responsiveness and accountability are fundamental to our long-term sustainability and success. The operation of the company is based on the economic principles of liquidity, safety and profitability and the principles of fair competition, good business relations and business ethics. Orka Holding offers advisory, legal and financial services to the companies in which it possesses controlling or majority shares.

Orka Holding is a leading investment company in Macedonia and the region, with a diversified portfolio of investments extending across different sectors. Founded in 1990 by Ilija Kamchev, over the past decade the company assumed a strong market position in several strategic sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, livestock breeding, food production, retailing and textile production, banking, construction and real estate, energy, tourism and hospitality.

The majority shareholders of Orka Holding are the companies Kamchev Consulting with 67% and Orka Finance with 33% of the company's shares. The sole owner of these two companies is Ratka Kunoska - Kamcheva




Ilija Kamchev (1937-2009), founder of Orka and President of the Board






From the very beginning we have established a well-defined mission: to be a respectable example in society, as a company operating according to the principles of loyalty, commitment and professionalism.



Our vision is creating a business climate where staff will constantly develop, while relationships with business partners and clients will be continuously nurtured and respected.



Through activities in multiple segments of society, the company has become a driving force primarily in raising the working standards, conditions and approach towards employees, business partners and clients.



Our goals are permanently ensuring our business’ development. The ultimate benefit of our joint operations is to create better conditions for growth and market competitiveness.




Respecting the community we operate in

At Orka Holding, social responsibility is considered a tradition, firmly embedded in the corporate strategy of values. We believe that the success of a company is gauged not only by profits and a leading market position but also by company’s responsibility for the community. Therefore, we base our activities on socially responsible work practices in order to justify the trust of our clients and community.

Being socially responsible means fulfilling our legal obligations, investing in human capital and the environment as well as continuing to nurture the relationship with business partners and clients. We strive to identify the needs of the community we work in, by supporting initiatives of broadest social importance.

Support for projects in the areas of healthcare, education, sports and many humanitarian campaigns are an unavoidable part of Orka Holding’s operations as a socially responsible company that respects individual and collective values.

Orka Holding sees its contribution to the overall development of the community as an obligation, but also a privilege. In the day-to-day race for profit and success we must not neglect corporate social responsibility that we, as a company need to nurture.

We continuously strive to create high quality and diverse environment with constant development of the employees and human resources management. We offer our employees the opportunity themselves to set their challenges and thus reveal their best qualities. Our company is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all individuals and does not tolerate discrimination on any grounds.
Should you have interest in becoming part of our successful team in any sphere of operation of Orka Holding, please fill out our online application form.
Discretion is one of our most important assets in the process of recruitment.

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