ACIBADEM SISTINA Hospital is the first private clinical hospital in the country that offers high quality medical services in accordance with international standards and protocols for patient health care. As a brand in the health sector in the Republic of Macedonia, SISTINA is present since 2001, primarily through the Special Hospital for Gynaecology and Obstetrics MALA BOGORODICA - SISTINA. The need for quality health care in the remaining segments of the health system was one of the main reasons SISTINA increased its capacity, and in 2010 became the first private clinical hospital in the Republic of Macedonia.
ACIBADEM SISTINA is built according to world standards, featuring floor space of 26,000 m2, with modern medical equipment incomparable to other private hospital in Macedonia and the region. The hospital employs over 900 people, including outstanding and experienced medical professionals and experts in their respective fields. The medical staff comprises a team of 137 renowned doctors, 15 of whom are university professors.
ACIBADEM SISTINA Hospital is the first hospital in the country and the region to receive the prestigious JCI accreditation.
In February 2017, ACIBADEM SISTINA Hospital invested in the opening of its first polyclinic. Near the centre of Bitola, covering over 500 square meters, the new polyclinic will offer medical services in paediatrics, gynaecology and obstetrics, internal medicine and cardiology. ACIBADEM SISTINA POLYCLINIC disposes of a paediatric daily hospital as well as a daily hospital for adults.

ACIBADEM HEALTHCARE GROUP together with its partner in Macedonia, ACIBADEM SISTINA HOSPITAL - acquired the largest private healthcare institution in Bulgaria - TOKUDA HOSPITAL with its subsidiary companies and simultaneously merged with the second largest healthcare provider - CITY CLINIC. The new Healthcare Group operates under the name ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC.
As a part of the development strategy, new investments in the existing activities are planned to be made, as well as building new structures. The main focus shall be in the fields of Oncology, Cardiovascular diseases, Neurology, Obstetrics as well as Gynaecology and Paediatrics.

Founded in 2014 as a result of the need for better conditions in the dialysis centres and dialysis treatments in Macedonia, SISTINA NEFROPLUS provides healthcare services for more than 480 patients in 10 centres, with over 70,000 dialysis treatments a year. The most sophisticated haemodialysis centre in the country and the region implements the highest standards and procedures based on the recommendations contained in the latest European and international guidelines for good clinical practice in haemodialysis.
Through its dialysis centres, SISTINA NEFROPLUS is present in 10 cities: Tetovo, Gostivar, Debar, Struga, Bitola, Prilep, Kavadarci, Veles. For the first time in our country, SISTINA NEFROPLUS invested in two new centres in Kichevo and Ohrid.

The primary business objective of the company for trade and services with medical equipment SISTINA PHARMACY is import of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies for the needs of ACIBADEM SISTINA Hospital and SISTINA NEFROPLUS. SISTINA PHARMACY has a successful, direct cooperation with renowned, international medical brands with the sole purpose of improving the quality of service offered to its sister companies. At the same time, SISTINA PHARMACY aims to expand its scope of operations and service provision to other medical facilities.

ACIBADEM SISTINA MEDICAL COMPANY deals with import of medical equipment, medical supplies and pharmaceutical products.
The company for trade and services in medical equipment ACIBADEM SISTINA MEDICAL COMPANY was created for the needs of the ACIBADEM SISTINA Hospital, in the role of importer of all necessary medical equipment and pharmaceutical products required by the hospital.
The drive and motivation to be a step ahead of others will be realized via a new grandiose project. Towards the end of 2017, ORKA HOLDING will begin the construction of the most advanced and sophisticated university as well as university hospital in the region.
The healthcare and educational facility occupying 80,000 square meters will be constructed and operate following the model of the prestigious University of ACIBADEM in Turkey.
The students in this institution, which aspires to become the largest regional private university will be educated by renowned professors from the Republic of Macedonia and abroad, with an English curriculum.
The only safe investment in the future and success is knowledge, dedication and education. Guided by this motto, this major investment in the education system aims to raise the quality of the Macedonian educational system, thereby creating new professionals in the country.
Located on the slopes of Vodno, in the vicinity of the Clinical Center Skopje, SISTINA LIFE CARE CENTER invests in the construction of a retirement home.
The new nursing home on Vodno will be built in accordance with the latest European standards, providing quality of life, modern living conditions and high quality accommodation services for the elderly. The construction of this modern facility will begin in late 2017.



Agronomy, stockbreeding and food production



SKOPSKO POLE is currently one of the largest agricultural companies in the Skopje region. It is a symbol and brand of the municipality of Petrovec, and therefore the city. SKOPSKO POLE spreads adjacent to Vardar River all the way to Pchinja River. It has an excellent geographical determinant, serving as a link between the market, production and development of agriculture and cattle breeding.
SKOPSKO POLE has 1,384 hectares of arable land, two farms with a total capacity of 7,000 sheep, 12 barns, milking area, private fodder mill, warehouse, machinery building, three silos and other auxiliary facilities.
Following global trends in agriculture and livestock, SKOPSKO POLE is continually investing in increasing arable areas, livestock, machinery, and in expert staff.
ZK PELAGONIJA is a company whose main activity is agriculture, orchards and stockbreeding. The company is engaged in the production of cereal crops, breeding of cattle and large cattle, livestock production, fisheries, fruit, as well as transport and distribution of its derivatives.
ZK PELAGONIJA has more than 750 employees, 18 thousand hectares of agricultural land, and one of the largest cattle farms on the Balkans. The combine is the largest producer of wheat, barley, sunflower, alfalfa and oilseed rape in Macedonia.
The continuous improvement in the quality of products and the expansion of assortment contribute to maintaining and strengthening its domestic market position and forcing its way into markets in the region. The existing livestock facilities are contemporary and modernized in line with the latest achievements in the field. The combine is committed to consistent monitoring of global trends in agriculture, consistently investing in increasing arable areas and livestock, which enables the primacy of the biggest food producer in the country.

The company PELAGONIJA BET is a veterinary centre operating for the purposes of the Agricultural Combine PELAGONIJA. The company guarantees and permanently controls the health of herds as an important factor in livestock production.
The beginnings of the today's company ZITO POLOG are dating from 1903. Over time the company has developed and expanded so that today represents a complete technical and technological entity.
Manufacturing of flour as the core business of the company requires possession of mill with high technology and capacity for grinding 50,000 tons per year. Today ZITO POLOG owns silage cells for storage of corn, its own transport and distribution, trade net for its products, as well as specialized propulsion for cattle food in order to meet the poultry farm needs.
In pace with modern movements on the market, following the demands and the ever refined taste of its clients, ZITO POLOG is particularly oriented towards the final manufacture of high quality products. This is achieved with good technical equipment of the production capacities, ready to follow the development of the modern technology.
The production and distribution are conducted with the implemented HACCP system in accordance with the law requirements which guarantees the safety of the products.

MLEKARA ZDRAVJE RADOVO, a Macedonian dairy manufacturer, started operations in early 2002 in a pristine environment stretching over the area between Ograzden and Belasica Mts., 10 km away from Strumica.
From its beginning until today, there is a notable development in the company’s production program, in the number of products, capacities and employees. Today, ZDRAVJE RADOVO owns three production facilities where 250 people work, 110,000 litters of milk are processed per day and over 50 different products are produced.
The quality of products and continuous investments in new technologies led ZDRAVJE RADOVO become a leader in sales of its hard milk program – cheeses. A confirmation of the growth and development of ZDRAVJE RADOVO is the expansion of product placement in the territories abroad, thus enabling the primacy of the largest exporter of dairy products from Macedonia. The products of ZDRAVJE RADOVO can be found in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Albania.

ZHITO BITOLA, one of the most modern mills in Macedonia was founded in 2013 by the agricultural collective PELAGONIJA. The company’s core business is production and sale of mill products.
ZHITO BITOLA has 35 chambers with a storage capacity of 16 million kg of wheat. Production takes place via a single production unit - mill, with maximum daily capacity of 105,000 kg milled wheat.

The company PELAGONIJA RAZVOJ performs expert control and testing of seed material for the needs of the agricultural combine PELAGONIJA. The company has a laboratory for quality control of seeds of the agricultural plants.






STOPANSKA BANK AD BITOLA is one of the oldest banks in Macedonia, founded in 1948 as the Municipal Bank of Bitola. The bank began its growth and development in the field of collecting free financial funds from the local economy and population. The continuous investments in accordance with global trends, corporate values, tradition and trust in the bank has maintained bank’s operations for the past seven decades.
As part of its business strategy and as a way to strengthen its market position, the company continues to expand its business network throughout the Republic of Macedonia. The Bank is headquartered in Bitola. It has 20 subsidiaries in 11 cities throughout the country.






Following the trends for the use of renewable and clean energy, for the purpose of the agricultural company PELAGONIJA, the company PELAGONIJA ENERGY put into operation the first of two biogas plants with a capacity of three MW/h out of the total six MW/h planned for both plants.
The investment worth 20 million euros is designed to produce electricity through the use of biogas, by using the organic waste from the cow farm of the agricultural combine PELAGONIJA.



Construction and real estate



The construction company BETON SHTIP is a shareholding company successfully existing for half a century. BETON SHTIP designs and performs facilities of the highest quality in all fields of construction.
Having taken part in the construction of the Republic of Macedonia, BETON SHTIP has been involved in industrial, residential buildings, schools, hospitals, bridges, dams and many more buildings. After the growth of the domestic market, the company began to retrieve even the most complicated construction works abroad, such as in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Iraq, Libya, Bulgaria, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The manufacturing, trade and services company Kara AD deals with construction and purchase of commercial and residential buildings, rental and management of own real property and real property taken on lease.

The company in OK TRANSPORT offers transportation services for the member companies of ORKA HOLDING. The company has a significant fleet of own vehicles for transportation of passengers, goods and services.



Textile manufacturing



For the past 25 years the company MONT successfully operates in the textile industry. Today, MONT has over 500 employees - qualified and competent to perform the most complex operations in textile production while providing premium quality products. The annual production capacity is 450,000 garment units - mainly coats, jackets, pants, skirts, sportswear, shirts and knitwear.
MONT’s infrastructure plays an important role in meeting the requirements and standards of the industry. The company maintains strict standards and continuously puts efforts into increasing productivity by introducing modern machinery, advanced manufacturing methods and techniques.
MONT is present in the markets of the former Yugoslav republics and other European countries with products through finishing and other forms of processing textile fabrics out of wool, cotton, synthetics and their blends.
MONT is a winner of several international and national awards for successful and extensive work in the field.

The company for laundering and ironing clothes MPLUS, is one of the biggest environmental laundries in Macedonia.
It offers personalized and quality services designed for the customer’s needs. M PLUS operates on an area of 443m², with a monthly capacity of 45 tons and enables the highest-quality service laundry in Macedonia.






ORKA SPORT, the first private store for sports equipment in Macedonia was open in 1990 in Skopje, embarking in quest to become a leading sports company in Macedonia. Through taking care of customers, following global trends and their incorporation in all segments of the company's operations, ORKA SPORT builds its empire and firmly positions on the domestic market as the number 1 sports multi-brand company.
With the intention to meet the challenges of our time and to maintain its primacy, in 2014 the company ORKA SPORT brought the largest global brand for sports equipment to Macedonia - INTERSPORT. The brand, present in 42 countries with more than 5,500 stores offers unique selection and latest innovations of the world leaders in sports equipment, products and brands.

За да се создаде, издигне и одржи една компанија, потребна е јасна визија на менаџерскиот тим. Благодарение на визионерскиот дух на нејзиниот основач, Илија Камчев, компанијата денес претставува високо реномирана компанија која успеа да создаде бренд во повеќе општествени сегменти. Визијата на компанијата е создавање на деловна клима во која персоналот постојано ќе се надградува, а релациите со бизнис партнерите и клиентите се почитуваат и негуваат.



Tourism and hospitality



The IBIS Skopje City Center hotel has a unique location in the heart of Skopje, in the middle of the financial, cultural and commercial district. Ideal for business or leisure travellers, the hotel has 110 air-conditioned rooms.
Both touristic and business places can be reached easily by walk, making the hotel an ideal starting point for everybody.
This global brand is part of the hotel chain ACCOR and is present in 48 countries with more than 1800 hotels. Since the opening of the first hotel, IBIS has gained a worldwide reputation for excellent services at very competitive prices.

The travel agency OK TRAVEL was established in 2013 with the sole purpose of bringing together the best know-how, expertise and experience in the field of tourism. With the rebranding of ORKA TRAVEL, the new beginning was only an extension to the success story that was built over the years.
Striving to offer superior service, the agency delivers a wide range of services for all travel lovers, from tailor-made exotic destinations, discovering new previously untouched regions to special tours for summer and winter adventurers.

Driven by the idea to create a new place in the city of Skopje, distinctive by its unique and refined stile, in 2013 we launched OK HOTEL.
Located in a quiet part of the city, just 2.8 km from the Skopje city centre, the uniquely equipped OK HOTEL offers a capacity of 50 modern and sleek rooms, providing atmosphere and conditions for a pleasurable accommodation.

The OK brand continues its story by creating the unique OK APARTMENTS in the city of Ohrid. The 14 OK apartments are situated on a quiet location, only 20m from the beach of the Ohrid Lake. Each suit has a living room and a fully equipped kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a yard. With their wide range of colors and shapes, offering a unique interior design, the suits capture the image of an underwater kingdom.

Situated in Mavrovo National Park, on Mount Bistra, the HOTEL MAVROVO is in its initial phase of reconstruction, with an aim to significantly improve accommodation conditions and meet highest hotel trade standards.
SUSHICO is a chain of Japanese, Thai and Chinese restaurants with refined interior and a pleasant atmosphere. With the opening of the restaurant in Skopje the brand SUSHICO announced its presence in the Balkans. Situated in the heart of the city, the restaurant is the only sushi restaurant of its kind in the country, offering specialties of the modern kitchens of Japan, Thailand and China.
The high quality service and tasty menu are the main reason SUSHICO to be the first choice of the true lovers of the various flavors of the Far East. In order to achieve the original appearance of Asian restaurants, the entire interior is made in the recognizable marks of the eastern tradition with a contemporary interpretation, while chefs from Japan, China and Thailand cook in the restaurant’s kitchen.

Situated on the rooftop of the Clinical Hospital Acibadem Sistina is a stylish and modern restaurant offering an amazing panoramic view of the city as well as a diverse healthy menu. The restaurant is designed for hospital employees and patients.






As a result of the need for an agency that knows to recognize the needs of the companies - members of Orka Holding, and offer the most advanced solutions through integration of a variety of marketing services, we have established the multi - disciplinary agency OK IDEA.
Through the integration of a wide range of marketing solutions the agency’s mission is to offer effective solutions to the challenges faced by companies in the constant changing market conditions.

The company in OK TRANSPORT offers transportation services for the member companies of ORKA HOLDING. The company has a significant fleet of own vehicles for transportation of passengers, goods and services.